No Wonder Everyone Calls You

by Kite Eating Tree

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Projeto math emo do André Vinco, de Campinas (SP), que também toca na banda Ceano.

Para fãs de Death Cab For Cutie.


released September 13, 2015



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Bichano Records Brazil

Selo independente do Rio de Janeiro, lançando coisas bonitas e, acima de tudo: sinceras.

DIY label from Rio de Janeiro, releasing cute and sincere stuff.

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Track Name: I'll Try And Tell You What's Wrong
i'm tired of your
it's alright
mixing drinks with
lemonade feels just wrong
from my acrobatic standpoint
i see a lighthouse
and i'm tired of your
expressionless face

and i, will i
decide, blind side
more time, sunrise
decades on the run

follow me through
the atmosphere
behold what might heaven (look like)
green screen romance
it feels so real

it feels so real

(however, this is nothing more than a digitally
produced heavenly landscape
and it's up to me to recognize fake patterns
of geometric forms and realize i'm in a dream
and nothing more than a dream
wait, i'm awake)

you are, every song and everything
i hear, don't ever disappear
you are, the ultimate proof that
we will never have
anything to fear
Track Name: High Octane
tongue tied
we stay strong
blood shot eyes
what could go wrong?
please try
this chandelier
pouring down light
breaking down fear
we let go of
our attrictions

plus i dive in
numbered tables
exposing me

you will find your way out

faking my nicest
traits and enduring
i am the closest one
to where you pretend to
be and preparing
where were you coming from?
you will sing
this song to me
when all the cars align
and light up the sky for us

poisoned eyes they see what they can
shattered lines they do what they can
Track Name: Brickwall Balance
the bricks on this wall
what do they protect?
if not the balconies
just tumbling along
the royalty is gone
or is it gone ?
the crowd marches on
screaming incongruencies
the fall of the establishment

the king without his crown
the knight and all his pawns
the silence in the crowd
they all need something
the garden and the gnome
the tiles and the dome
the apple and the pome
they all need something

you are just pulling me out this frame
please let me out of this insane frame
the bombs are sounding and falling down
please let me be within my fences

politely asking: where are you now?
you're making beats with your frying pan
they beat you over and over and over, it's over now
but why aren't you here?

tonight all eyes
on me

oh we let go
oh we let go
oh we let go
don't you let go
Track Name: The Square Root Of All We Have Left
if i get to see her i would like to say
things i would not be so proud of
don't believe
the history
they lie like they all lie on the television scams

fall in line, target in the middle
forget everything you lost
and only reproduce

sometimes they're all alone
but not this time, there's no one home
you can try, but there's no hope
but i'm belligerent, i don't need no help

using my rope, i climbed out of this
rabbit hole
and it all made sense instantaneously
don't believe
the luxuries
celebration hug !

you are no queen
i'm not a thing
but i am
drenched in loneliness paper wrap

it's something ignorant
tremendously out of context
and asking you like that
makes me feel like i already know the answer
endangered species in
so many cages and i will

(permanent abusing me)

timeout! timeout!