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by theodoro

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Disco solo do Lucas Theodoro (E a Terra Nunca Me Pareceu Tão Distante, doppelgangers!)


released September 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Bichano Records Brazil

Selo independente do Rio de Janeiro, lançando coisas bonitas e, acima de tudo: sinceras.

DIY label from Rio de Janeiro, releasing cute and sincere stuff.

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Track Name: To talk endlessly and aimlessly about someone or something
as i am feeling disappointed
at no one or anything
it is just me

swear i'm not playing the victim
just frustrated i can't act the way i think

and yes, it's kinda personal
but makes sense to write it down
an then just sing

sing sing sing

sing away the voices in your head
and monsters hidden under beads
and all the skin that has gone red with wine

but please don't take it as a letter
or a message in a bottle
anything that may sound like a complain

well, an apology, i guess
for taking a minute and a half
to say things that are practically the same

sorry for using just two chords
to say what i have said before
as i just keep on rambling on
but this time it is a song
to maybe listen later on and laugh
Track Name: a year of untitled tracks
this is something i'll have to deal with by myself
like grown up men do
but what does that mean?

i've thrown my strenght all away
do you know how it feels
to be gone all the way?

and it's better not to ring
as i'm afraid of words
but seems useless to care
since there's no talking at all

well, look at the back of your arm
i know you'll find the words
to explain why i've bruised
my fist punching your front door

but how do i dare to care?
i know you won't be there

you've never been there.
Track Name: Pittsburgh, 1991
a plain white paper and no drafts at all
it's been a while since lines and angles
are roughly made and strongly empty

mainly quotes from others
bands, books and films
that, somehow, seem to know
what all of this non-speakable thoughts mean

a thicker drop on a blurred glass
placed near the bed in a room
surrounded by wood, and a sound
that's never quite leaving

it's too expensive to live here
but i'm not leaving pittsburgh, i'm not going anywhere

well, maybe i'm GOING south two months from now
to see if maybe we could stay a little longer in some room near a city park

where the window allowds a small quantity of light to enter the room
lighting up your silhouette
and let the smoke from your cigarette surround us in this haze,

in moments i can only remember in a non-chronological way
for keeping eyes closed half of the time
most of the time
during this moments of joy.

it's too expensive to live here
but i'm not leaving pittsburgh, i'm not going anywhere
but i'm definitely going south one of these days.
Track Name: "From here to infirmary" is my favorite alkaline trio album
since when dreams about you became nightmares?
on a country side house, with this pain in my neck.
oh, how attractive it is to have a sore back with 20 yeas
dan andriano once kind of said this phrase

i swear i wouldn't write you another song
but i guess i'm no good at keepin' promises

and neither at playing basketball
'cause my left foot kinda hurts these days
well, i guess i rather stop writing this songs